Sock 🧦🥊 it to me…New technology 📺 has invaded our homes 🏠 and offices🏥.

Even the socks 🧦 we wear 👣 have undergone transformations that relate to technology. New technology has made fabrics healthier, more comfortable, and better looking than ever.

Using fabrics like synthetics 🧦and polyester 🧦blend rather than cotton can help to keep feet 👣dry, leaving them comfortable and blister free.

Since your feet 👣and legs 🦵🏻🦵🏼spend several months 📆 of the year covered in footwear🥾👟👞👢, it is essential to choose the right sock 🧦 for your needs.

From fabric to fit, making sure your footwear 🥿👠👡 has all the latest features is key 🔑.

Here are some tips to choose socks 🧦 🧦that are right for you and the occasion:

-A sock 🧦 with a poly/cotton blend, incorporating cotton and synthetics, is an excellent combination for everyday wear. Opting for either a thick or thin sock will not affect the health of your feet👣.

-Socks 🧦should fit like a glove 🧤 . There should be no loose fabric around toes 👣or heels. Socks 🧦 that bunch up can cause friction and lead to blisters. Socks 🧦 that are too tight can decrease circulation and comfort.

-If you have diabetes or decreased circulation, seamless socks 🧦 are now available to prevent friction that might result in irritation.

-Athletes should look for socks 🧦 that wick moisture away from the feet👣. The best material is a cotton/polyester blend, which provides excellent comfort, great wear, and moisture absorption.

-All socks 🧦should be tried with the appropriate shoes👞👢🥿. Do not try your running socks 🧦on with your dress shoes – that’s a recipe for buying the wrong socks.

-Ask your podiatrist 👨🏼‍⚕️for recommendations.

The technology involved can be overwhelming, but your foot 👣 doctor 👨🏼‍⚕️can provide you with appropriate guidance that matches your sport.

To Comfortable Socks🧦,

To Healthy Feet 👣,

Dr. Rosales