It many cases, these 7 considerations are enough to end the pain🥺☹️🙁😕.

If the pain has lasted more than 6 months 🗓, or if something like scar tissue 🩸has formed, we often have to resort to other methods.

Fortunately, it’s rare that surgery 🩺 is indicated for this condition.

Here are the 7 things we consider to put an end to plantar fasciitis👣:

INFLAMMATION: Cortisone 💉 is safer and faster than pills 💊; Aleve or Advil in moderation can help.

STRETCHING: Stretch 🏃‍♀️your calf 🦵🏼muscles daily or use a night splint ⚰️ daily if you have one.

SHOES 👞 : Elevated heels 👡 (not flat) 🥿work best, and running shoes 👟 are usually quite good.

ORTHOTICS👣: Control, not cushion, takes tension off the plantar fascia👣.

MASSAGE 💆 : Use your thumb 👍🏻 or a ball 🎾 on your heel 👣 and arch 👣 to increase blood 🩸 flow.

KITCHEN: Sandals 👡 such as Birkenstock or Vionic are best.

EXERCISE🏃‍♀️: Avoid running 🏃‍♀️or jumping 🤸🏼until pain 😣😖😫😩 is gone. Biking 🚴 , rowing 🚣 and swimming 🏊 are good.

If your heel 👣 still hurts 😩😫😖 after doing all of these things, we have several other highly successful non-invasive treatments 🏥 available.

To Healthy Feet👣,

Dr. Rosales👨🏽‍💼