Sometimes Things Appear on the Foot 👣 Without a Warning ⚠️

One of those things is a bump on the top of the foot 🦶, specifically in the middle.

There are two common reasons why this can happen.

The first is what’s called Hypertrophic bone 🦴. It’s kind of like a bone 🦴 spur, but larger.

The second reason is a common soft tissue lesion called a Ganglion cyst.

These can be hereditary, from a minor injury, or caused by certain shoes👞👡.

Neither condition is serious, but both can be painful 😖 😔🥺 and chronic.

As always, the most important first step with any condition—especially a bump—is making an accurate diagnosis.

Many times, we can do so with a simple exam 👨🏽‍⚕️ and x-ray 🎞. An MRI 🏥 is always available if needed.

Of course, it’s important to rule out anything serious.

If the bump is one of the two conditions mentioned above, we have methods to alleviate the pain 😖😖associated with them.

Although surgery 👨🏽‍⚕️ is always our last resort, sometimes it’s necessary to permanently solve the problem.

The best home 🏠 remedies are to lace the shoes 👟 slightly looser, to wear slightly looser fitting shoes 👞, and to avoid shoes 👠 or sandals 👡 that have a strap that irritates 🥺🥺 the bump.

Even if you aren’t experiencing pain 😖😖, having a bump on the top of your foot 👣 diagnosed can ease your mind and provide you with information for what to expect moving forward.

Let us know if you have a bump on your foot 👣you’d like us to evaluate.

To Bump-less Feet👣,

Dr. Rosales👨🏽‍⚕️

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