Why does my toe 👣 hurt me when I have the bedcovers 🛏 on❓❓❓

This question comes up often in our business 🏥.

If the toe 👣 doesn’t hurt in the shoe 👞, why does it hurt from bedcovers 🛏❓

The answer is almost always an Ingrown Nail.

Yes, the bedcovers 🛏 can make a toe 👣 hurt quite badly when the nail is growing into the flesh.

Much of the time, you can’t necessarily tell that the nail is a problem.

An ingrown nail isn’t a condition to attempt to self-treat.

We’ve seen some serious infections 🦠💊 from people attempting “bathroom 🛁 surgery.”

Solving the problem involves a simple office-based 🏥 treatment that won’t take you out of commission.

Besides relieving the pain😞😣🥺, our goal is to prevent the nail from growing in again.

An ingrown nail that is not treated correctly can become a chronic problem.

It’s amazing how much a toe 👣can hurt😣😣.

A toenail that hurts 😣😣 from the bedcovers 🛏 is a condition that could be close to becoming infected🦠💊.

Address it as soon as possible to avoid an infection… especially if you have diabetes.

We specialize in permanently solving ingrown toenails.

Healthy feet 👣 lead to a healthier life.

To Healthy Feet👣,

Dr. Rosales👨🏽‍⚕️